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alligator skin errythang

alligator skin errythang

From the Heart of the Atlantic

intangible feelings,
from the heart of the atlantic.
insight panic
with a grain of salt and a magnet 
my, soul glow
like. the sun spot on crisco
out in frisco,
goin crazy, think im skitso
my whole crew blown
lookin fo, some cookie dough
but damn! no nabisco
got some bad chickies
in the, zone…
if you dont know me by now..
youll, never know
im the golden child
so… where the mu’fuck my thrown?! 
ballin like m j
chicago bulls, defense, zone
jdub, drofields and ra
microphone jones 
poems and poems.
hands tied, 
one eye closed
and i still manager to find the way home


preview of my newest video. getting a little more editing done

burn it

burn it

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Who am I

i grab this mic,
like, who am i.
look in the mirror
just to ask somebody
sometimes i write,
to show my love
to show my heart,
and what I’m thinking of,
as the dawn breaks,
and the days change
i think not of what i do
just that I’m getting paid
and thats a problem,
one that I’ve found
can be rectified
as we tread the grounds
sacrifice, i must sacrifice
to get to where i feel
my soul truly lies.
every day i try
to provide,
this soul remedy
that gets me high.
to the sky.
way my spirit burns is limitless

Microphone mastermind

in time ill illevate the deviated symptoms
the path done strayed
the nature unpure
strange intentions,
but we done stayed
hip hops the cure
paint run up in my vain
my mind work, algorithm 
once this mass has risen.
you could never escape the cataclysm 
i ride steady
as the world shakes heavy
one mile high fly
shoes look like tye dye
hit you wit that blada
just cause mama said, to. knock you out
thats a no doubt
chillin in the smoke sesh.
piggin like snout
they say they tryna rest
really i dont hear them out
girl, shut yo potty ass mouth.
for i rewind and recite to turn yo ass out 
the caddy needs gas, and shit. so does my house
tokin that tada
way i work like magic
got some greenage.
its some mean shit.
stay funkier than cabbage
feelin macho mannn, randy savadge
lifes the art of war
so im stocked up on cannons
people dont understand the meaning of abandoned
chillin in the legion, red sock filled with candy
and im doin puzzles, with a young girls mammy
tryna get it where i fit in
know she like the way it feel, when she put on my fitted
my watch is so vivid
my style so livid
my shoes so alien
yall need bread,
i need malasian milk
yall need sex
id rather acquire another house
anex that ass
resurface my couch
lv ‘s on it got me feeling like riff raff
now im bout to summer sault hits
backflip bricks


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merry christmas.. i just wrote this today… damn

come ride it, its that season
be jolly, cause i need it
im ballin, cause its christmas
come ride it, its that season 

my buddy weston spark. the jimmy jam for the night

presidential TIEENT

some things i only dare to say in rhyme.
like, i think youve over stayed your welcome in my mind.
how can it be a crime to be honest in a time such as mine.(its ours)
but so profound what the truth holds.(wow)
let it… caress your earlobes. and evolve ten fold, get your heart swole
give you the tools to, notch up the totem pole… 
and if your froggy? go on. hop off the toad stool.
while im sippin xo, workin pro tools.
cadillac slant back.  rollin on old school.
is that something that, you could get used to? _RA